Tirupati – Story of reunion of Laxmidevi and Lord Srinivas

Published on Nov 15, 2014

After sometime Padmavati noticed that her beloved was looking very sad. She understood the reason in her heart. She said, “My Lord you are feeling separation from Laxmidevi who is living alone in Kolhapur. You should bring her here at once. We will all live together.”
The Lord said, “She is angry, I don’t know if she will come.”
Padmavati then spoke the words of wisdom; the words of a woman to a man, to understand the nature of a woman. She explained, “Women are like children. They need someone to please them and someone to show great affection to them. It is not their fault. They are made that way. You should pacify her, by pleasing her and giving her this type of affection, and she will be happy to come back. I am also feeling sad that she is so lonely, living in Kolhapur.”
She told the Lord that she would stay at the hermitage and that He should go to Kolhapur to bring Laxmidevi. The lord traveled to Kolhapur.
When Laxmidevi found out that the Lord was coming to take her, she disappeared and went to the hermitage of Kapila muni. The Lord searched all over and around Kolhapur, but He couldn’t find her anywhere. Finally, He sat beside a pond of water with a big lotus, and decided that He would perform tapasya until Laxmi would return to Him.
He performed such severe tapasya, that even Indra couldn’t recognize who He was. Indra thought of Him to be a rishi trying to take over his planet through His penances. In order to prevent any such possibility, Indra sent some apsaras to distract Him.
The lord saw the apsaras dancing, smiling and glancing at Him and the Lord became even more beautiful personality who completely eclipsed the grace and the beauty of all the apsaras. The apsaras were very embarrassed and they understood Him to be the Supreme Personality of Godhead. They reported the incident to Indra who begged forgiveness. The Lord consoled Indra and forgave him and continued His tapasya more intensely to the extent that severe transcendental flames started blazing around Him. Laxmidevi herself in Kapiladev’s hermitage could feel the spiritual effects of His tapasya.
She enquired Lord Kapiladev regarding what should she do? Lord Kapiladev asked her to return to Him. He spoke, “Bhrgu muni may have made an offence by kicking Him on the chest. But as a result of that, it has been established for the whole world, for all time to come that lord Vishnu is the Supreme worshipable object; that He is the ultimate lord of all Lords.”
Laxmidevi then entered into the bottom of the stem of the lotus flower in the pond beside which, the lord performed His tapasya. She then travelled up the stem and came out right on top of the lotus, sitting next to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. When the devatas saw Laxmi Narayan sitting together on the top of the lotus, they all rejoiced and began to worship them.
Narada muni asked Bhrgu muni to beg forgiveness from Laxmidevi. At that time Bhrgu muni fell at the feet of Laxmi devi weeping and crying. He begged, “I am begging at your lotus feet. Please forgive me for my offense. I have caused you such pain in your heart, by kicking Lord Narayana, I am a fool, I am a rascal, please forgive me.”
Laxmidevi replied “No, no you did no offense. Everything done by the Lord has a divine purpose. This was His transcendental pastime. You are forgiven. Be happy. “
Bhrgu weeping in gratitude became very happy. At that time the Supreme Lord, Venkateshwar, accepted Laxmi again, by giving her residence upon His chest. Then Laxmi and Srinivas returned to the ashram of Agatsya muni, where Bakuladevi and Padmavati greeted them. Thus together they lived happily for long time, on the hill of Tirumala.
Srinivas ordered the brother of Akaash raj, whose name was Thondaman, to build a temple for Him. The temple was built, the demigods, the sages would come here to worship the Lord, everyday, but the Lord decided that He had to return to Vaikuntha. On the request of all the demigods and the great devotees the Lord then right before their very eyes, he transformed His form into the deity of Sri Venkateshwar, where He has been worshipped with great devotion by devotees, from thousands and thousands of years since.

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