News – Launches Drive to Increase Street Chanting

Published on Feb 16, 2015

If you’ve been reading ISKCON News regularly, you’ll know that there’s been a very successful effort in North America over the past three years to keep increasing distribution of ISKCON Founder Srila Prabhupada’s books.

And now, the same innovator behind that idea has a plan to give the same boost to street chanting of Krishna’s Holy Names, another spiritual practice Prabhupada placed a lot of importance in. “The religious practice for the Age of Kali [yuga-dharma] is to broadcast the glories of the Holy Name,” states his translation of the Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita. And in a 1974 letter he wrote, “It is this sankirtana which is the life and soul of our movement.”

At the North American GBC and Temple Presidents’ Meetings from January 20th to 25th in Dallas, Texas, book distribution strategist Vaisesika Das launched a new program along with an accompanying e-newsletter and website,, to assist and inspire communities to increase their public kirtan programs.

Vaisesika is inviting ISKCON community leaders and members all over North America to join the Kirtan Party Google group through and begin reporting every two weeks on how many times they’ve sent kirtan parties out to chant publicly. The results will then get published on

“What gets measured gets improved,” says Vaisesika, quoting leadership expert Robin S. Sharma. “Just by becoming aware of how many times they’re doing it, and how many times others are doing it, devotees will naturally become encouraged to do it more.”

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