News – Hare Krishna Burrito Nagara Sankirtan Takes Over Seattle

Published on Jan 28, 2015

By ISKCON Seattle Communications Office

Sankirtan at ISKCON Seattle has evolved into a multi pronged strategy to attract diverse people to Srila Prabhupada’s movement.

Every Saturday, ISKCON Seattle devotees under the leadership of HG Harivilas Prabhu (ACBSP) perform Sankirtana in the University District, Seattle. A dedicated team of devotees engages in the chanting of the Holy Names of the Lord while another dedicated team works on sharing Srila Prabhupada’s books with people and another team distributes free burritos and invitations for the My Sweet Lord Café – ISKCON Seattle’s free vegetarian and vegan restaurant. Bhakta Manoj and Bhaktin Bharti lead a team that makes a few hundred burritos every Saturday morning. A group of around 20 devotees then distribute them during Nagara Sankirtana for free along with invitations for the café program at five pm.

Saturday Morning Burrito Nagara Sankirtana

In a recent lecture, HG Hari Vilas Prabhu said, “Burritos are perhaps the strongest most intoxicating thing that we are distributing. People become ecstatic, overwhelmed and attracted to Krishna. They are made so well that it is hard to give them out because our devotees might eat them even before we distribute them. So we need to lock our burrito box until we get to the site.” People in the University district eagerly wait for Saturday to get the Burritos. Michael one of the Burrito distributors was asked, “Why are you giving this?” He replied, “We are sharing Krishna’s love. “

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