Udupi – Inside the temple of Sri Krishna Matha

Published on Nov 22, 2014

Inside The Temple of Sri Krishna Matha

The Garbhagudi consists of 2 rooms. In the bigger room the. Swamiji?s perform the daily tarpana. There is also silver mantapa with the golden cradle where the shayanothsava of the Lord takes place. It is in the inner room that the deity of Lord Krishna installed facing west. There is a churning rod in the right hand and rope in the left and is the only one of its kind in India. The unique aspect of this deity is that it is etched with Chakrankitha. Only during ksheera Abhisheka is the beauty of this decoration evident.

Coming out of the Garbagudi is a narrow passage leading to the Sarvajna Peeta (Simhasana). This being the seat of Dwaita philosphy enthrones the Paryaya Swamiji.

On the left is a small dark room reserved for cooking special offerings for Lord Krishna?s Naivedya.

Moving ahead leads to the Chauki. The door at the left leads us to the kitchen. The big hall of the Chauki, with seating capacity of : about 400 is the place where the Swamiji takes food in the form of prasada of Shri Krishna along with scholars, guests and other pilgrims.


North of the Chauki is the Bhojana Shala. In the dining hall thousands of people are fed every day since the beginning of the Madhwacharya era. The Bhojana Shala was constructed by the 27th Poniff of Shri Shirur Matha,Shri Lakshmi Samudra Thirtha Swamiji in 1915 AD. It is because of this that Udupi is known as Anna Brahma Kshetra with Tirupathi being known as Kanchana (Gold & Money) Brahma Kshethra and Pandarapura, Nada (music) Brahma Kshethra.

East of the Vasanth Mahal is the shrine of Lord Subramanya constructed by Shri Vadiraja Swamiji. It is believed that Lord Subramanya is guarding a great treasure underneath donated to ShriVadiraja Swamiji by a Moghul Sultan.To the right side of Shri Subramanya Gudi is the Navagraha gudi installed by Shri Lakshmi varatheertha Swamiji of Shri Shiroor Matha in 1995.


Further to the East is the Cow shed (Goshala). Since cows are rendered very dear to Lord Krishna, Go puja is also one of the sixteen pujas performed by Paryaya Swamiji. It is also a custom that the Paryaya Swamiji personally feeds the cows in the Goshala. after the Mahapuja. Beyond that is the stable for the elephant. . There are two elephants ?Lakshmeesha? and ?Subadhra?.

Behind Vasantha Mahal on the northern side is Vrindavana. There are 43 Samadhis- Vrindavanas and a very old Ashwatha tree. Aswatha Pradakshina is one of the duties of the Swamiji in charge of the Krishna Matha.

From there we can notice a vast level ground known as Rajangana. Paryaya assembly is arranged here. Mass feeding and cooking takes place here at festival time.

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