Gaya – Teachings of lord Chaitanya to Sacimata

Published on Dec 11, 2014

Finishing His bath, the Lord returned home and the students went back to their respective homes. He changed His clothes, washed His feet, and then offered water to the tulasi plant. He performed His daily worship of Lord Govinda and came to take His meal. sacimata brought His plate with tulasi maïjaris, rice and other preparations. The Lord offered the foodstuffs to Visvesvara and then the Lord of the entire universe began taking His meal. sacimata, the Mother of the Universe, sat in front of the Lord as He ate and the chaste Visnupriya remained in the next room unseen, looking at Her Lord.

sacimata asked, “My son, what book have You been reading today? And with whom did You have a debate?” The Lord replied, “Today, we read about the Holy Name of Krishna and the glories of His lotus feet, the abode of all excellencies. His name and transcendental qualities are eternal chanting and hearing the Lord’s names are also eternal. His surrendered servants and devotees are also eternal. That scripture is true and eternal, which explains the process of devotional service to the supreme Lord, Krishna. Otherwise, such a book cannot be called a scripture it is an atheistic and shallow book. The Vedic scriptures say, ‘That scripture which fails to establish the process of devotional service is to be rejected. Even if Lord Brahma himself was to come and speak from it, one should never hear such a recitation.’

“If the lowest of men in human society, the dog-eater, utters Krishna’s Holy Name, then, he is not the lowest of mankind. And, if a Brahmin born in a high family does not follow the principles of scripture and religion, then, he is not a Brahmin.” Lord Visvambhara spoke to His mother just like Lord Kapila had spoken to His mother, Devahüti.
“Dear mother, try to understand the wonderful influence of the process of devotional service to Lord Krishna. Try to develop in every respect, attachment to the supreme Lord. The devotees of Lord Krishna can never be destroyed. Fearful death himself is afraid of a servant of the Lord. The Lord’s devotees never experience the excruciating pains of life in the mother’s womb, birth, and subsequent death. All such sufferings are unknown to the devotee.
“Whoever refuses to worship the lotus feet of Krishna, who is the father of every living entity, is a great sinner, an enemy of his own father, and becomes a resident of hell, birth after birth. My dear mother, please listen attentively how frightfully a living entity suffers if he is not willing to serve the lotus feet of the Lord.
“Again and again, he is made to enter into the wombs of his mothers as a sinful creation. He is subjected to unbearable suffering in each womb. Everything the mother eats pains him. Whether it is spicy, salty or sour, he suffers, unable to do anything. He cannot protect himself against the many worms and bacteria that nibble his soft unprotected flesh. Unable to move, he must suffer all conditions inside the hot and sticky womb. If his fate allows, he lives through this nightmare. There are those who are extremely sinful and are condemned to die within the womb, repeatedly.

“After remaining seven months within the womb, the living entity begins to gradually understand his position. He remembers his previous promises and births, and begins to repent for his mistakes. He sings and prays heedfully to Lord Krishna, ‘Oh Lord Krishna! Please save me! You are the life and soul of all the living entities.“ ‘You are the only fit shelter for the living entities in distress. Due to my forgetfulness of You, Krishna, I have been captured by Your external energy. Oh Lord, You who are the Lord of all the energies, please relieve me by an easy death. I have wasted my life chasing after illusory and temporary happiness such as family, children, and wealth and neglected your priceless eternal lotus feet.

“ ‘The son whom I raised so lovingly with a life of sin, where is he now? Where is everything? What have all my activities brought me? Who will save me from this untold suffering? My Lord, You are my only friend in this distress. Now I realise that Your lotus feet are my only eternal shelter, O Lord Krishna! Please save me. I take the shelter of Your lotus feet. Oh foolish me, I have left such a merciful Lord as Yourself, who is like a touchstone supplying all desires, and have become mad after illusion in forgetfulness of You.

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