The Power of Holy Name – Tana jath

Published on Jan 29, 2014

GGHS – Kriti Sharma speaks on “The Power of Holy Name” through the story of “Tarana Jatt”

Topic- Tana jath

Once there was a farmer name tana jath he lived in a small village of Punjab. He was very honest and hardworking farmer he lived a very simple life. Tana use to work whole day in the fields. He lived with his uncle, wife, sister and his aunt but his aunt was very cunning in nature. She one day said to his husband and people of village to apart tana from their house. The panchayat of the village took the decision to separate tana by giving him old house, two bullocks and stony fields. Tana accepted this decision and lived in the old house. It was very difficult to work in the stony field and to grow crops but still his aunt was not happy looking tana working so hard.

One day she planned and mix poison in the food of bullocks and kill. One bullock was killed by eating fodder. Tana still did not lose his heart still working very hard with one bullock. But tana was finding very difficult to work with one bullock. So one day he decided to go in the temple and asked pundit to give god to him so that the god can work for him the pundit gave him stone seems to be haligram, to tana and said this is our god. Tana took that stone [shaligram] home and offered him makki the roti and sarso da saag but the shaligram [god] did not accepted tana said to the stone in an innocent if he didn’t accept his offerings even he won’t eat till then for 7 days neither the stone nor tana eat anything, in 7 days tana just chanted the mantra of lord Krishna hare Krishna, hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, hare hare, hare ram, hare ram, ram ram, hare hare. Getting pleased by his innocent bhakti towards lord , lord appeared in the front of him in a form of simple farmer he helped him to do all the field work of tana. This was the power of holy name tana jath in an innocent manner.