Merciful Lord – Deliverance of Kaliya

Published on Feb 28, 2014

GGHS – Shruti Chavan

Class 4

Once a huge black serpent called Kaliya came to live in the river Yamuna. He poisoned the water of the river with his venom. The people of Vrindavan were very scared of the serpent, who was very strong.
One day, Krishna decided to teach Kaliya a lesson. He jumped into the river to kill the serpent. Kaliya was furious and rushed to attack Krishna. But before the snake could catch him, Krishna quickly climbed on Kaliya’s head. To shake him off, Kaliya tried to coil around Krishna and crush him. He even tried to drown him but Krishna stayed underwater without breathing. Eventually, Kaliya got tired. Krishna then started jumping and stamping on Kaliya’s head and the serpent started vomiting poison.
Kaliya begged Krishna for forgiveness and Krishna ordered the serpent to leave the Yamauna. kaliya bowed his head and quietly left, and the people of Vrindavan rejoiced.