Merciful Lord – Gajendra 03

Published on Feb 28, 2014

GGHS – Vedant Aklujkar

Class 3

The Supreme Lord is very merciful, especially to his devotees. In the following example we can see how the Lord showers his mercy on the animals who were His devotees in the past life.
Gajendra‐the king of elephants, lived with his herd in Rutumat garden at the foot of Trikuta hill. He roamed freely in the forest with his herd. He was very powerful elephant and all the animals of the forest were scared of him.
One day Gajendra and other elephants found a beautiful lake filled with sweet water, lilies and lotus flowers. After quenching their thirst they started playing by splashing each other.
Their play and disturbed a huge crocodile which lived in the lake.
The powerful crocodile seized elephant Gajendra by his foot and dragged him down.
Gajendra struggled to defeat the crocodile, but the crocodile’s strength was no match for him in water. Even
Gajendra’s relatives tried to help him by pulling him out off the lake….but they they all gave up and left Gajendra alone to fight with the crocodile. The fighting of Gajendra with the crocodile went on for more than 1000 years.
Gajendra was not an ordinary elephant. In his previous birth he was king Indra Dyumna of Pandya dynasty and was a great devotee of Lord narayana. While he was meditating one day at Kuchala his guru Agasthya visited him. He was immersed in deep meditation and could not welcome Sage Agasthya. Angered by the king’s behavior his guru cursed him to be born as an elephant. When the king realized his mistake he pleaded for forgiveness from his guru. Agasthya pardoned him and said he will be redeemed of his curse only by the mercy of Lord Narayana.
Even the crocodile was not an ordinary reptile. He was huhu, a Gandarva in his previos life. Huhu was once playing with his wife in the lake. Sage Devala was offering prayers in the same lake. Huhu pulled his leg playfully into the water. Frightened sage realized that it was Huhu’s mischievous play. Annoyed by his act the sage
cursed Huhu to become a crocodile. Huhu realized his mistake and begged for forgiveness. The sage told that he will be relieved by the mercy of Lord Narayana when he attacks his devotee Gajendra. Soon, Huhu developed scales and was transformed into a crocodile. He waited in the lake.
Having been deserted by his relatives and wife Gajendra started thinking of his position in life as being helpless when in distress. Pain and strain aggravated as he became weak mentally and physically. At this stage he recollected his past life and remembered a prayer he had learnt during his devotional service in that life. He started reciting the same prayer once again. This prayer in praise of the Lord is called Gajendra stuti. Gajendra’s prayers reached Sri Vaikunta the abobe of Lord Narayana the Supreme personality of Godhead. Hearing the prayers offered by the elephant Gajendra Lord Narayana appeared before him as Lord Hari‐ the destroyer of His devotee’s misery, armed with His Chakra and with all His weapons, on Garuda the king of birds. As soon as Gajendra saw Lord Narayana, he plucked a lotus flower from the pond and offered his respects.
Lord Narayana pulled out both the crocodile and Gajendra to land. He severed the crocodile’s head with his Chakra. The crocodile regained his original form as Gandharva. He offered his prayers to Lord Narayana and ascended to Gandharvaloka.
Lord Narayana granted Moksha to Gajendra inspite of he being an elephant as he was completely surrendered to Him. Gajendra could not talk as tears flowed freely. His Dark Lord had granted him salvation and he would be in Vaikunta with the Dark Lord always!