Lessons from Mahabharata – Kunti Maharani, Draupadi, Bhima, Arj

Published on Mar 06, 2014

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Gopals Garden High School – Dhananjay Vazirani Lesson learnt from Kunti Maharani is to be tolerant and patient. In all difficulties cry out to the lord helplessly and he will come. When the Pandavas began their exile in the forest, Yudhishtra was despondent at his inability to feed the holy sages and others who accompanied him. At this, Dhaumya, the priest of the Pandavas, counselled him to pray to Lord Surya. Pleased with Yudhishtira&#39;s prayers, Lord Surya blessed him with the Akshaya Patra, a vessel that would give unlimited food every day till Draupadi finished eating. So when Draupadi ate and no more food came she cried helplessly and Krishna came, ate a grain of Rice and the stomachs of all sages were full.</p>