The Power of Holy Name – An Atheist Becomes Devotee

Published on Jan 29, 2014

GGHS – Janhvi Singh speaks on “The Power of Holy Name” through the story of “An Atheist Becomes Devotee”

Once upon a time not long ago, there lived an atheist . As he did not believe in God, he did not even try to know who is God , how does He look or what He does . One day he fell ill due to some serious disease and so he had to be admitted in a hospital. As he woke up from his sleep one day , he saw a dead body on his bed near him. He started shouting and yelling at the nurses to remove the body from there, but to no avail . No one heard him. Then he realized that this body was his! That means he was dead! And then, He saw that 4 fierce looking men were coming
towards him . They were none other than yamdutas. They started taking him away forcefully and they started torturing him by whipping and beating him. The poor man was scared by now. He started looking for someone to help him.

Due to some of his past good deeds his heart started telling him to pray to God. But he did not know who is God! Again his heart started telling him that just chant ‘God’ so he started saying that ‘that whoever is God please listen to my prayers.

He started chanting god God. The yamdutas told him not to chant God .Hearing this he even more started chanting God God . The yamdutas just disappeared leaving him alone in the dark lonely area. He again prayed to God and said that ‘O God if you really exist please take me back to my body I will become your devotee and spread your holy name.

Suddenly he saw a powerful light and then felt as though someone was holding his hand and taking him somewhere . He followed him without hesitance . He soon reached his body and true to his word became a priest and started spreading the holy names of Lord Krishna. People say that before dying if we chant the holy names of God we attain the spiritual world but this story tells us that even after dying this man chanted the holy names and became a pure devotee of Lord. Such is the power of the holy names. So let us all say:


Jahnavi Singh (std VI )
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