News – Family Day Carnival 2014 by Sri Jagannatha Mandir, Kuala Lumpur

Published on Jan 06, 2015

The much anticipated fun-filling event of the year for Sri Jagannatha Mandir, besides all other immensely delightful spiritual festivals, is the Family Day Carnival! This was specially organized by the patron board with the theme “by patrons for patrons”.

While the name itself tells it all, this special day is to bring all devotees of sweet Lord Krsna together, to bind them closer than ever and to build them stronger as a family to do more and more service to the lotus feet of Lord Krsna. With Him playing around in the backdrop, it can only turn out to be completely spectacular as expected! On Sunday 14th December, the day begun with devotees gathering at the temple for Mangala Arathi and Guru Puja, and right after that, all devotees made their way to Bukit Jalil International Park, a mere 10 minutes’ drive from the temple.

By 8.30 am, most of them completed registering to participate in various activities that have been planned out by the organizers. While waiting for more people to join in, HG Kripa Sindhu Krishna Prabhu filled in by leading a very melodious bhajan together with the devotees. Curious on-lookers were also held captive absorbing the pleasant sight of the congregational members clapping hands and singing together in sync.

By 9am, special breakfast with an array of delicious variety of sandwiches prepared by the Matajis were served. There were also sales of buns, nasi lemak, tidbits and canned drinks. After taking in such an energy boost, devotees moved on to participate in the events they have registered for. With much joy and laughter in the air, devotees who were split into several teams to participate in games such as futsal, tug-of-war, treasure hunt and telematches were all in excitement and full of spirit of sportiveness!

There were some who were engaged in the quieter indoor games such as chess, and some others who were well absorbed in chanting the Maha Mantra. Lots of prizes were given away to winning teams and individuals, and a special birthday cake was presented to HG Kripa Sindhu Krishna Prabhu during this fun-filled day. This was then followed by something unexpected, the liquid downpour HOLI! The splashing of colors on everybody caught the devotees by surprise, but needless to say, this was giving too much of joy to everyone and made the carnival even more memorable. With the end of all the events organized, lunch prasadam was served. A great combo of rice, sambar, taufu sambal, savoury and sweet halwa was truly a feast to the hungry brood of devotees. With that, the Family Day Carnival 2014 came to an end. It was indeed wonderful to see devotees mingling together in harmony, united in chanting together and helping each another in as many ways as they could.

Everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly and left Bukit Jalil looking forward now to Sri Jagannatha Mandir Family Day 2015!

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