Is Hare Krishna a cult?

Published on Dec 27, 2014

Krishna conscious cult

Question: Are you a cult?

Answer: The actual definition of the word “cult” is a system of belief and worship.

We fit that definition.

But today the word “cult” has taken on negative connotations.

We are not that kind of cult – a dangerous group of people with a charismatic leader, a group that will capture people’s minds and seduce them into joining and doing things harmful to the well-being of themselves and others.

That’s not us.

The Krishna consciousness movement is a bona fide spiritual path coming from one of the oldest, most respected religious traditions in India.

Far from being a dangerous cult, Krishna consciousness teaches people how to live a life of high morals and ethics and to respect the integrity of all beings.

We practice a process of self-realization that cleanses the mind of all unwanted things such as greed and hate.

Krishna consciousness helps a person develop his individuality and realize his highest potential.

People are sometimes fearful of the unfamiliar.

Trying to make sense out of things they don’t understand, they sometimes conveniently label them and put them into boxes.

One of those boxes happens to be the cult box.

Because people are uninformed or misinformed, the Krishna consciousness movement sometimes erroneously ends up in such a box.
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