Is the relation with one’s Guru eternal?

Published on Jan 05, 2015

Question: When one accepts a spiritual master, it is said that the relationship is eternal. However, if one is not able to go back to Godhead in one lifetime, then how can he accept another guru in the next life? Or does the same guru have to come back to fulfill his duty?

Answer: The concept of ‘guru-tattva’ is inconceivable and most difficult to understand.

In principle, as Srila Prabhupada explains in his famous Vyasa-puja address, the Guru is one; guru cannot be two. (Cf. Science of Self Realization pp. 70-71)

The Original spiritual master is Lord Balarama or Lord Nityananda and He appears in infinite forms to instruct us.

This of course does not de-personalize or minimize the value of the empowered devotee of the Lord who plays the part of a spiritual master.

This fundamental spiritual principle is difficult to understand with mundane logic, but with this understanding we can simply accept that one’s relationship with his spiritual master is eternal.

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