Our Values are Our Real Valuables, Harinam Prabhu (Gita Daily)

Published on Sep 07, 2013

Based on Bhagavad Gita Chapter 02, Text 08

Our happiness depends not on our valuables, but on our values. Why?

Because our values shape how we use our valuables, which actually determines our happiness.

If our values are materialistic, then we use our valuables to enjoy materially and to accumulate more material possessions. However, these don’t address the deepest need of our heart: love. We long to love and be loved eternally. Our materialistic values impel us to direct our love at the material level. However, such love can be disrupted, even devastated, at any moment by worldly upheavals. The Bhagavad-gita (02.08) indicates how when our need for love is thwarted, no worldly attainment can relieve us of the resulting agony.

That’s why Gita wisdom urges us to direct our love at the spiritual level towards Krishna. Thus, it urges us to change our values from material to spiritual. Spiritual values center on the diligent practice of devotional service and yield the supreme valuable: love for Krishna. This is the supreme valuable not just because it can give us the highest happiness but also because it cannot be stolen by the worst worldly upheavals.


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