Guruvayur – Other Places and Bhaktha Kavi Poonthanam (AD 1547-1640)

Published on Nov 28, 2014

1) The Parthsarathi temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna as the charioteer of Arjuna. This temple is a few minutes walk from the eastern entrance of the Sri Krishna temple. The deity is believed to be over 1000 years old and was discovered in the ruins of the temple in 1972.
2) Punnathur Kotta (4km) is ancient fort housing over forty elephants, all of which belong to the Guruvayur temple.
3) Half a Km northeast of the Parthasarathi Temple is a temple dedicated to Venkatachalapati, also known as Thiruvenkatam of Tirupati.

4)At Mammiyur, about half a km northwest of Guruvayur temple is a Shiva temple said to be much older.It was Lord Shiva who gave both Vayu and brihaspati his own place in Guruvauyr.Later he and Parvathimoved to Mammiyur, the opposite bank. It is for this reason that a visit to Guruvayur is considered incomplete without visiting mammiyur temple.
5) There is a pleasant beach 3km away in Chavakkad.
6) Poonthanam Vishnu Temple
It is situated on the Perinthalmanna – Nilamboorroute , 60 kms away from Guruvayur at Poonthanam. Lord Vishnu is the main deity here. But it is more famous for another deity of Lord Krishna, which was once worshipped by the great poet Poonthanam himself. The successors of Poonthanam Namboodiri gave this property to Guruvayur temple.

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