Dashavtar comic – Krishna Avatar…The Prince of Vraja

Published on Apr 14, 2014

Storyboard Artist: Hari Roy
Script & Audio Narration: Madanmanjari devi dasi (Meenakshi Pande)
Graphics: Ranjana Sawant
Audio Recording & Music Editing: Rachana Sule
Video Editing & Animation: Rachana Sule
Recording Studio: Iskcondesiretree Studio, Mumbai.
Produced by: www.iskcondesiretree.net


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Why is Krishna God?
Lord Krishna has a form just like a human being. Even the Christian Bible states that man is made in the image of God.
This means that God is a person with two hands, 2 legs and so on. That person is Lord Krishna.
His complexion is dark-blue, like that of a rain filled cloud.
His eyes are like lotus petals.
He is ever youthful.
He is full of bliss and his beauty excels that of thousand of cupids.
He likes to play the flute.
He wears a peacock feather in his crown.
He wears the Kaustubha jewel around his neck.
He wears yellow garments.
Lord Krishna is complete in six kinds of opulence — wisdom, beauty, fame, power, wealth, and renunciation.

Why Krishna is God? – http://www.iskcondesiretree.net/profiles/blogs/why-krishna-is-god
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