Little Krishna Comic – Naughty Krishna’s Daily Pastimes

Published on Oct 13, 2013

Little Krishna Comic – Naughty Krishna’s Daily Activities

Script: Madanmanjari devi dasi (Meenakshi Pande)
Graphics: Hari Roy & Ranjana Sawant
Audio Narration: Madanmanjari devi dasi (Meenakshi Pande)
Audio Recording & Editing: Madhava Das
Video Editing & Animation: Madhava Das
Recording Studio: Iskcondesiretree Studio, Mumbai.
Produced by:

Mother Yashoda sings Krishna’s glories and wakes him up.
After waking up Mother Yashoda with great love and affection breastfeeds baby Krishna.
After bathing Krishna Mother Yashoda dresses her darling son with beautiful silken robes and ornaments. Krishna’s friends also assist mother Yashoda in decorating him.
Krishna loves cows. He playfully holds their tail and runs behind them.
Krishna, Balarama and all cowherd boys steal butter from neighboring houses and the Gopis love to watch them steal butter and pretend to get angry.
Krishna happily distributes the stolen butter to the monkeys.
Krishna expertly unties the calves and sets them free to drink their mother’s milk. When the cowherd men see this, they come running behind Krishna but Krishna easily escapes.
When Krishna cannot find butter in the houses of the Gopis he passes urine on the clean floor of the house. In other houses if he is cannot spot the butter pot, he pinches the neighbors kid and runs away leaving the crying kid alone.
Krishna teases the young maidens of Vrindavan who carry butter pots on their head.
Flute is Krishna’s constant companion. All the cows and cowherd friends of Krishna are attracted to the sweet melody Krishna’s flute.
When Krishna goes to the forest to play, he imitates all various birds and animals.
Krishna is so engrossed in playing with his friends that he forgets his lunch time. Mother Yashoda calls out to Krishna “Krishna please come soon. Its lunch time. We are all waiting for you.
Just like the village boys Krishna plays Gulli danda with his friends.
Mother Yashoda , Nanda maharaj and Rohini eagerly wait for Krishna to return home from the forest in the evening.
Next day early in the morning Krishna again leaves for the forest. They share their lunch with each other.
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