Why do you put Tilak, wear neck beads and carry bead bag?

Published on Dec 02, 2014

Vaishnava Tilak
Tilak is a traditional mark to identify devotees of Krishna.
Tilak is made with sacred clay from a holy place in India, and it marks the body as a temple.
It is worn to remind the wearer and everyone that within the body resides the individual soul and the Supreme Soul, Lord Krishna.

It is a stamp of Lord Krishna’s lotus feet and His great devotee Tulasi on one’s body declaring that this body is the property of Krishna and should be used in His service only.

Bead bag
The bag holds our prayer beads.
It keeps our beads clean and allows us to carry them wherever we go, reminding us that we can always chant the Hare Krishna mantra and thus stay in spiritual consciousness.

Neck Beads.
The neck beads that Krishna devotees wear are meant to symbolize submission to God.
They serve to remind the person wearing them and those who see them that we are all servants of God or Krishna.
The beads are made from Tulasi wood.
Although Tulasi appears in the material world as a plant, she is a great devotee of Krishna.
By wearing Tulasi beads we please Krishna.

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