To acquire equal vision cultivate spiritual satisfaction (Gita Daily)

Published on Mar 31, 2014

By His Grace Chaitanaya Charan Das

The Bhagavad-gita repeatedly urges us to see pleasant and unpleasant situations equally.

How is this possible?
To understand, let’s analyze a Gita verse (06.08) that offers an extreme example of equal vision: advanced spiritualists see stone and gold equally (sama loshtrashma kanchanah). This same verse begins by stating the inner condition of such spiritualists: they are satisfied by spiritual knowledge and realization (jnana-vijnana truptatma).

As long as we are bereft of spiritual knowledge, we misidentify with our bodies and discriminate between things based on their capacity to offer material pleasure. When we get the knowledge that we are souls, we get introduced to the concept of spiritual happiness. This theoretical concept gradually becomes an experiential reality when we practice yoga for gaining spiritual realization. The best yoga is bhakti-yoga because it gives us access to the omnipotent grace of Krishna. By that grace, we can overcome material illusion and gain realization of our joyful nature as integral parts of Krishna, who is the reservoir of all happiness. When we are thus enriched by knowledge and realization, we become internally spiritually contented. Consequently, we see outer things equally.

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