The soul wears out the body and the body wears out the soul (Gita Daily)

Published on Feb 08, 2015

Based on Bhagavad Gita Chapter 02, Text 22, By Chaitanya Charan Das (
Article – The soul wears the body in the sense that the body is a like a dress for the soul, as the Bhagavad-gita (02.22) indicates.

The body wears out the soul in the sense that means that the body with its relentless demands for eating, sleeping, mating and defending tires or wears out the soul. These bodily activities may be necessary for survival, but they are by no means capable of providing lasting satisfaction. The repetitive nature of these demands keeps the soul distracted from the path to real satisfaction, the path of spiritual realization. Further, the repetitive nature with the repetitive absence of fulfillment drains out the soul, making us feel depressed and dejected with not just those pleasures, but with life at large.

The soul wears out the body in the sense that the body being material is intrinsically perishable and when used to fulfill the illusioned soul’s desires, it often gets worn out faster.
Put another way, the soul’s innate need for pleasure when pursued at the bodily level through eating, sleeping, mating and defending ends up exhausting the body, thereby accelerating bodily deterioration and destruction, which is natural for everything material.

The solution to this dilemma is to recognize that the soul has a higher purpose than pandering to the demands of the body and give that purpose due priority. The highest among such purposes is love, love for Krishna. When the soul directs its bodily energies to connect with Krishna through bhakti-yoga, that divine connection provides a higher satisfaction whose richness is fulfilling and inspiring. The taste from devotional fulfillment far from producing ennui and emptiness leads to excitement and energization, thus raising the consciousness above the body’s inevitable degeneration to the soul’s imminent liberation.

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