Published on Jan 28, 2014

Motherhood – Bhaktin Kiran speaks about motherhood. She explains the importance of a mother and how a mother should bring up their children… LIKE! SUBSCRIBE! & SHARE!!!

A good mother is always on the ‘job’. No breaks when you get tired of the job; someone else’s life and well-being takes priority over yours now. Can you handle this? Are you up to the task? Here are some good qualities or characteristics to develop to be a good mother to your child.

1. Set a good example: Since the mother is the most important person in the life of a child. It is important for her to be a positive and moral role model; an example that he or she can look up to, appreciate and honor.

2. Be there for the child: In the initial years of childhood, the child needs the mother more. It is very important for the mother to spend quality time with the child. Do not neglect the little human being who now relies on you for everything.

3. Love and Patience: There is no love like a mother’s. A good mother sees her child as special, no matter whether young or old, healthy or handicapped, troublesome or obedient. A good mother keeps her cool and tries to stay patient by explaining why something is wrong.

4. A good listener: Spend quality time with your child and always listen when they ask questions. Remember to be approachable. This helps the child to open up and share problems and not be secretive. Take an interest in your child’s interests and make an effort to know him/her well. A good mother provides a stable and strong foundation for her children to grow and develop as individuals. Encourage children according to their potential, and try to bring out the best in each child. She makes the child develop his/her skills in whatever area he is good at, as well as remedies the weakness in each child.

5. Be responsible: Motherhood is a full-time career. Your children did not ask to be born. If you have brought the child to the world, then also be ready to accept the responsibilities that come along with motherhood. The feeling that his or her mother didn’t want him or her can hurt your child. A good mother makes sure that the requirements of the child are met, and provides the child with encouragement and tokens of love. She remembers the child’s special days, such as birthdays, and makes him feel special by giving gifts and celebrating.

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