Is God beyond me

Published on Mar 31, 2015

As we practice spirituality, we sometimes get this feeling of being insignificant and low. A sense of hopelessness regarding the entire process sneaks into our minds.

It’s a situation where one starts feeling disheartened about the goal to be achieved through these spiritual practices.

We start feeling that God is too high for me and we are so incompetent.

How can I ever attain the goal! How can a sincere seeker get over these sentiments and confusions and progress rapidly towards the end?

The secret is when we understand Krishna or God, it actually gives us great faith and hope. Krishna is indisputably too high for us. But ultimately, He is a person.

And although He is so great, when He sees our sincerity, He reciprocates. It is said that when we take one step towards Krishna, He takes ten steps toward us. That is His kindness.

And we understand that kindness through the Lord’s various incarnations as to how the He even accepted the most menial positions for His devotee. He became the chariot driver for Arjuna.

Sudama was a poverty stricken man. But Krishna washed his feet, fanned him, fed him and served him. This is His compassion. The Lord is very kind.

The Lord’s kindness can also be experienced through His devotees. We find saintly persons like His Divine Grace Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the founder of Hare Krishna movement, who was also an empowered devotee of Krishna. In spite of his highly esteemed position, he was humbly cooking for people and feeding them with his own hands!

He was cleaning for them! He was taking the most menial possible position to help them! That is God’s love for us through His devotees.

That is why we love Krishna, because although He is so high and great; He is so kind, so loving, so merciful and so personal.

He is willing to come down from the highest platform-the spiritual world- to this earth Himself or through His devotees, just to lift us up and elevate us so as to fill our lives with unlimited grace, hope and love.