How I Came to Krishna – From Buddism to Krishna Consciousness (Russian)

Published on Feb 26, 2014

Tanushri Janani Mataji from Russia:
I & my husband meet each other when we were practicing Buddism; Buddism which we were practicing used to allow meat eating, illicit relationships…so we had confusion;
Once one of my friends gave us pendrive we supposed to copy one file but when we opened the pendrive we found so many MP3 lectures so we STOLE THEM.
We were traveling from one city into another which was a long distance; So those lectures were right to a time; Lectures of Lakshmi Narayana Prabhu from Sibir about Vedas;
He was explaining everything so intelligently and yes we accepted whatever he was saying as a truth BECAUSE IT WAS A TRUTH;
Later we meet Devotees…
My son took birth. In order to train our son as a Devotee we try to be in the association of Devotees; we feed him only with Krishna Prasadam; make him to play with other Devotee kids…

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