How and why the Bhagavad gita enthrones the path of love (Gita Daily)

Published on Mar 24, 2014

Based on Bhagavad Gita Chapter 18, Text 66

Those familiar with the Gita sometimes raise the question: “When the Gita mentions various spiritual paths like karma-yoga, jnana-yoga and ashtanga-yoga, what is the need to stress only the path of bhakti-yoga?”

Because that is the stress of the Gita itself, as is evident in its unambiguous concluding proclamation (18.66) that we abandon all other paths and adopt the path of love, bhakti-yoga.
Of course, the Gita analyzes other spiritual paths too. But all that analysis is meant to prepare the ground for the enthronement of bhakti-yoga as the most recommended path. Let’s understand the rationale for this enthronement.

A beautiful painting can be appreciated only through refined aesthetic emotions — not through emotion-less scrutiny. Similarly, the Bhagavad-gita reveals a beautiful conception of God as Krishna, a conception that can be appreciated only through refined devotional emotions — not through emotion-less physical gymnastics or intellectual polemics (11.53)(11.54).

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