Envy is degrading; esteem is ennobling (Gita Daily)

Published on Feb 24, 2014

Based on Bhagavad Gita Chapter 10, Text 41
By Chaitanya Charan Das

Envy is a typical human response on seeing others better than us. But it’s not the only possible response — esteem is a healthier alternative.

No doubt, envy may come automatically to us, but by contemplating the effects of both responses, we can motivate ourselves to choose the better response.

Envy defiles our mind, filling it with negative emotions of discontent about the things we don’t have. Worse still, it also impels us to destructive actions meant to bring misery into the lives of those whom we envy. Thus it drags us down, making us behave in petty or malicious ways.

In contrast, esteem is ennobling — it fills us with admiration and appreciation for others. These positive emotions galvanize us to learn from them and follow in their footsteps, thus bringing out the good within us and bringing to us better things without.

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