Did I change my mind or did my mind change me (Gita Daily)

Published on Oct 13, 2013

Based on Bhagavad Gita Chapter 06, Text 05

The Bhagavad-gita (06.05) enjoins that we elevate ourselves with our mind and not degrade ourselves with it. This intriguing verse indicates the volatile nature of our relationship with our mind. When we control our mind, our actions tend to be elevating. But when our mind controls us, our actions tend to be degrading.

How can we understand who is in charge: we or our mind?

One way is by introspectively examining our explanations of our actions. Sometimes, we may act in ways that are not in harmony with our words. When asked about the difference, we may explain, “I changed my mind.” This usage may represent our flexibility in the face of life’s changing situations, and flexibility does have a valid and valuable place in a principle-centered life. If our introspective examination reveals that our response was due to our flexibility, then we can infer that we were in charge of our mind.

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