CC daily 24 – Madhya Lila 87-90 – The essence of initiation is not the ritual but the commitment to serve

Published on Feb 24, 2015

CC Madhya 4.87
sakala brahmane puri vaisnava karila
sei sei seva-madhye saba niyojila
All the brahmanas present on that occasion were initiated by Madhavendra Puri into the Vaisnava cult, and Madhavendra Puri engaged them in different types of service.

CC Madhya 4.88
punah dina-sese prabhura karaila utthana
kichu bhoga lagaila karaila jala-pana
After taking rest, the Deity must be awakened at the end of the day, and immediately some food and some water must be offered to Him.

CC Madhya 4.89
gopala prakata haila, — dese sabda haila
asa-pasa gramera loka dekhite aila
When it was advertised throughout the country that Lord Gopala had appeared atop Govardhana Hill, all the people from neighboring villages came to see the Deity.

CC Madhya 4.90
ekeka dina ekeka grame la-ila magiña
anna-kuta kare sabe harasita haña
One village after another was pleased to beg Madhavendra Puri to allot them one day to perform the Annakuta ceremony. Thus, day after day, the Annakuta ceremony was performed for some time.
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