CC daily 23 – Madhya Lila 84-86 – The transcendental manifests repeatedly as the historical

Published on Feb 24, 2015

CC Madhya 4.84
sabe vasi’ krame krame bhojana karila
brahmana-brahmani-gane age khaoyaila
All the people gathered there sat down to honor the prasadam, and by and by they took food. All the brahmanas and their wives were fed first.

CC Madhya 4.85
anya gramera loka yata dekhite aila
gopala dekhiya saba prasada khaila
Those who took prasadam included not only the people of Govardhana village but also those who came from other villages. They also saw the Deity of Gopala and were offered prasadam to eat.

CC Madhya 4.86
dekhiya purira prabhava loke camatkara
purva annakuta yena haila saksatkara
Seeing the influence of Madhavendra Puri, all the people gathered there were struck with wonder. They saw that the Annakuta ceremony, which had been performed before during the time of Krsna, was now taking place again by the mercy of Sri Madhavendra Puri.
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