CC daily 22 – Madhya Lila 80-83 – Improvisation is also an expression of devotion

Published on Feb 24, 2015

CC Madhya 4.80
acamana diya dila vidaka-sañcaya
arati karila loke, kare jaya jaya
Madhavendra Puri offered water to Gopala for washing His mouth, and he gave Him betel nuts to chew. Then, while arati was performed, all the people chanted, “Jaya, Jaya!” [“All glories to Gopala!”].

CC Madhya 4.81
sayya karaila, nutana khata anaña
nava vastra ani’ tara upare patiya
Arranging for the Lord’s rest, Sri Madhavendra Puri brought a new cot, and over this he spread a new bedspread and thus made the bed ready.

CC Madhya 4.82
trna-tati diya cari-dik avarila
uparete eka tati diya acchadila
A temporary temple was constructed by covering the bed all around with a straw mattress. Thus there was a bed and a straw mattress to cover it.

CC Madhya 4.83
puri-gosañi ajña dila sakala brahmane
a-bala-vrddha gramera loka karaha bhojane
After the Lord was laid down to rest on the bed, Madhavendra Puri gathered all the brahmanas who had prepared the prasadam and said to them, “Now feed everyone sumptuously, from the children on up to the aged!”
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