CC daily 18 – Madhya Lila 61-67 – Abhisheka is an intimate service to the Lord

Published on Feb 24, 2015

CC Madhya 4.61
pañca-gavya, pañcamrte snana karaña
maha-snana karaila sata ghata diña
After the first bathing, further bathings were conducted with pañca-gavya and then with pañcamrta. Then the maha-snana was performed with ghee and water, which had been brought in one hundred pots.

CC Madhya 4.62
punah taila diya kaila sri-anga cikkana
sankha-gandhodake kaila snana samadhana
After the maha-snana was finished, the Deity was again massaged with scented oil and His body made glossy. Then the last bathing ceremony was performed with scented water kept within a conchshell.

CC Madhya 4.63
sri-anga marjana kari’ vastra paraila
candana, tulasi, puspa-mala ange dila
After the body of the Deity was cleansed, He was dressed very nicely with new garments. Then sandalwood pulp, tulasi garlands and other fragrant flower garlands were placed upon the body of the Deity.

CC Madhya 4.64
dhupa, dipa, kari’ nana bhoga lagaila
dadhi-dugdha-sandesadi yata kichu aila
After the bathing ceremony was finished, incense and lamps were burned and all kinds of food offered before the Deity. These foods included yogurt, milk and as many sweetmeats as were received.

CC Madhya 4.65
suvasita jala nava-patre samarpila
acamana diya se tambula nivedila
The Deity was first offered many varieties of food, then scented drinking water in new pots, and then water for washing the mouth. Finally pan mixed with a variety of spices was offered.

CC Madhya 4.66
aratrika kari’ kaila bahuta stavana
dandavat kari’ kaila atma-samarpana
After the last offering of tambula and pan, bhoga-aratrika was performed. Finally everyone offered various prayers and then obeisances, falling flat before the Deity in full surrender.

CC Madhya 4.67
gramera yateka tandula, dali godhuma-curna
sakala aniya dila parvata haila purna
As soon as the people of the village had understood that the Deity was going to be installed, they had brought their entire stocks of rice, dhal and wheat flour. They brought such large quantities that the entire surface of the top of the hill was filled.

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