All Problems One Solution – Narasimha Prayers

Any type of ailment whether physical or mental disturbs one’s peace of mind and ravages the entire household. Shri Narsimha Dev is the vanquisher of all types of obstacles and ailments. His holy name symbolizes his power and if one takes His shelter in difficult situations all impediments and troubles will disappear.

Hare Krsna TV brings to you Narasimha Mantra Dhyaan Program, Participate in the auspicious chanting of 108 Holy Names of Lord Narasimha Deva, Sri Narasimha Kavacha, Aarti and pray for the well-being of your near and dear ones. You can send us their names. We will pray to the Lord for His Causeless Mercy on them.

Their names will be offered at The Lord’s Feet during this program every morning between 6.30 to 7 am and shall be displayed on the screen at the same time.
This service is absolutely free of charge.

This is a FREE service.

For more information call +91 9167 477 477.

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